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169 West Main Avenue
Gastonia, NC, 28052
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A full service salon and skin care spa where we strive to positively impact others to feel and be happy, strong, and beautiful.


Our Story

Inspired by my Daughter 


I want to take a moment to share with this revitalized community a little about our new vision for our salon.  Owning a salon was something most people only dream about it. In 2016, I discovered for the second time that sometimes we're given what we need and not always what we want. I had the privilege of acquiring an established  salon from my mentor and friend. As my husband and I embarked upon this journey, it came with unexpected challenges and some hard lessons. Through those lessons, I began to realize that I had an opportunity to create something truly different. Something that was more than just a salon or spa, but more of an extension of myself. 

As I pondered about the meaning behind what we create as beauty technicians and therapists, I began to pull from my own personal experiences as a woman and a mother. I was never much of a girly girl and I used to often wonder how I became an esthetician. When I began the journey into motherhood, I never thought I would want a daughter, and that I would be better off with sons. Remember how I said it's funny how we're given what we need instead of what we want?  Well, in 2015 we were blessed with our second child. A beautiful, perfectly pink and plump baby girl came screaming into this world and couldn't help but smile and relish in the love and purpose that this tiny girl bestowed upon us. We weren't sure what her purpose was yet, but we were sure it was strong. A mere day into her life she smiled at me and she hasn't stopped smiling since. She embodies her Jovial name and she softened me to feel a love I had never known before.

When I decided to rebrand my salon, I knew it had to be something that resonated within my soul, that extension I mentioned earlier. Something that would be my driving force, my WHY. Everything I came up with was cliché. I played around with my children's initials, only to come up with names sounding more like mattress companies. A vision came to me one day with Jovie's name. After several mashups of her name and initials, I realized it was perfect just as it was. That she herself embodied everything I wished to be and how I envisioned my salon to be; sweet yet fierce, loving, free-spirited, nurturing, one of a kind, and oh so fun! It was only fitting to honor our daughter in this renewed venture of ours. I wanted my guests to look and feel the way Jovie made me feel. And Jovie C was born again.

We are Jovie C. 

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Beautiful.

Brittany Farr--Owner and Esthetician